10 interesting facts about space

10 interesting facts about space for kids(with infographic)

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Welcome to our latest article 10 interesting facts about space for kids.

We are on Earth ,and Earth is in the Solar system and the Solar system is  in the Milky way and the Milky way is in space so we may conclude that we all live in space.

 So now it becomes important to know facts about space.

So get ready to know 10 interesting facts about space and one more thing that today our article will not be as it always is, because today I will share less text with an awesome infographic that you should check it.

10 Interesting facts about Space for kids(infographic)

1.More than millions Earth can fit inside our  sun.

What we usually mean by a star? a small dot of light in the sky but, stars actually are bigger than we can imagine.

Let’s understand with an example like do you know that there can be millions of earth can fit inside our sun?

 And yet it is said to be a small star so, by this you can understand how big they are.

2. For many years it was said that water is only on earth.

 I know many of us also think that only we have water but, it is not true if we talk about the freezed water then we will get many examples like comets and Mars also have ice in its poles.

But, there are also many proofs that show that water is found in liquid form on other planets also- do you know that the biggest ocean of the solar system is not on earth but on Europa jupiter’s moon under its ice crust?

 It has around twice water than the volume of water on our earth.

3. Comets are just leftovers

There are many things that gets wasted or lefted in our daily life.

Same happened with comets like do you know that comets gets lefted during the solar system’s creation just around 4.5 billion years ago?

 They are usually made up of sand, ice and carbon dioxide.

4. We can’t stand on gaseous planets.

 Do you know what gaseous planets are? Planet’s which are mostly made of gases like- Jupiter, Saturn , Uranus and Neptune.

 So as the headline says, do we really can’t stand on gaseous planets? Is it true?

 Yes, it is because as I said they are just balls of gases.

 5. It will take 800 years to to  go on Pluto.

 Have you played the game in which you have too many lives? 

Of course in most cases. But it is not practical, But if you have a dream to visit Pluto then it is a must for you because the distance between Earth and Pluto is just around 5.0 42 billion kilometres.

 So if you will go to Pluto by a plane it will take just around 800 years.

6. Sky of Mars.

On Earth our sky looks blue and sunset mostly red but do you know how the sky of Mars looks?

Of course it will be much more different than on Earth.

Colour of the sky on Venus is orange, on mercury is black, Uranus is blue and on Mars it is pinkish and red.

 7. Taller mountain is on an asteroid

Do you know how tall Everest is , just around 9 kilometres? Of course it is not the highest mountain.

 Do you know that there is also a mountain on an asteroid named Vesta that is around three times bigger than our biggest. It is around 22 km tall.

 8. There are much more stars than grains of sand of earth.

 if someone said that how many grains of sand there are in a sandbag you may say billions, it is a big number.

But do you know if we together all the grains of sand of all beaches, it will be less than the number of stars.

 So you can imagine how many there are.

9. Every very Earth welcomes an asteroid of car size.

Asteroids is an interesting topic like do you know that every year an asteroid of car size enters our atmosphere but  our Earth welcomes it in that way by which while entering it gets burnt.

10. There are 500,000 pieces of space junk in space.

 Do you know what this space junk? Human’s waste in space.

 From the remains of Rockets to satellites there are around 500000 pieces of waste material in space so we conclude that we are not just throwing junk on our Earth but also in space.

I know you are excited for the infographic of 10 interesting facts about space for kids so it is here-

10 interesting facts about space (infographic)

So you can read facts about our space one thing I want to say that I have converted this from post of Natgeokids and also from some my posts.


I hope you like these 10 Most interesting facts about space. 

In this article we learn many interesting facts about space like Sun is may be small for other stars but yet it is huge for us, gaseous planets difficult to visit and many more.

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