About us

About facts hungry

Hey, I am Devansh welcome to our about us page.

Here I will not tell you some facts on other topics but about factsungry and me.

Like- what makes it different from other sites? What does it give to you?

So let’s start.

About me

From my childhood, I love to ask questions like how the earth has formed? and how dinosaurs died?

I am not very good at studies but I like to learn new things.

As I said I am from India that’s why English is not my mother tongue and that is the reason why my English is not good.

But I still try to write in the best way. As it is my first site that’s why there are many problems that comes but I will continuously work on this and I am sure that one day my site will also get famous.

How I started facts hungry?

I love facts about this or that and especially facts connected to science or space.

And it is one of my dreams that in future I will go to space.

So, when I heard about blogging (writing content online) I like this thing.

Then I think that on which topic should I write about. At that confusing time from somewhere I heard that we should write on somewhat we love.

So when I see myself then I get an idea that why not I start a blog on facts and that’s how I started facts hungry.

But it is not all that easy because choosing a topic and starts a blog is one of my toughest decision.

what makes it different.

Now let’s start talking about our site factshungry like what does it means? and what is it’s core idea?

It means a site for people who have eager or hunger to learn new things and facts on different topics like science and space.

What it’s core idea? It is simple, “share amazing facts in more amazing way.”

That’s what that makes it different from other sites.

We do not share facts that are interesting but not related to you.

We do not share facts that teaches but people already know them or they are boring.

Facts hungry is not only a site but a place where you can know different things or facts.

And I not only who decides these topics you can also decide by commenting below or by contacting us.

And I will also try to write on that topic.

You can also subscribe to us and you can also follow us on social media.

Thanks for being here.

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