19 amazing facts on Jupiter the planet- read now

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Inside Jupiter by volume 1300 earth can fit.

on Jupiter, your weight will be 250 Kg if you own 100 kg of weight on Earth.

There is a storm twice the earth’s size.

 These are some amazing facts on Jupiter the planet.

 As we know about Jupiter: It is, by far, the largest planet in the whole solar system – more than twice as massive as all the other planets combined.

But it is much more than this. There are many facts about Jupiter that we may not know.

 So, in this post, we will know such 19 interesting facts about Jupiter planet.

Facts on Jupiter the Planet

amazing facts about jJupiter planet

1.Basketball planet ( biggest planet)🏀

Let’s know some interesting facts on Jupiter’s size-

1.Do you know that by volume 1300 earth can fit inside of it?

2. Even if all planets combined can fit into this big planet.

3. And If we take Earth a grape then Jupiter is a basketball.

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2. On Jupiter day is just-

Do you know if you are on Jupiter then how long the day will be?

It will be just 10 hours.⏳

Yes, One day on Jupiter is only about 10 hours (the time it takes for Jupiter to rotate or spin around once).

 As without any doubt it is the fastest rotating body in the solar system.

But what about the year?

Jupiter makes a complete orbit around the Sun in nearly about 12 Earth years.

3. Seasons on Jupiter.

As there are seasons on earth there are also seasons on other planets like Venus and Jupiter.

Its equator is tilted concerning its orbital path around the Sun by just 3 degrees. 

This means it may have seasons not like Venus, It does not have seasons as extreme as other planets do.

4.You can’t even stand on Jupiter.

As we all know Jupiter is a gas giant. It is mostly made of hydrogen and helium.

As it is gaseous that’s why it does not have a surface like Earth. That’s why it is impossible to stand on its surface.

It doesn’t have a true surface, but it may have a solid core about the size of Earth at its centre.

5. A unique place in History 

Jupiter was named after the king of the gods.👑

And Jupiter also holds a very unique place in the history of space exploration from its discovery.

In 1610, astronomer Galileo Galilei used an invention called the telescope to look at Jupiter and discovered the first moon known to exist beyond Earth.

This discovery has changed the way by which we see the universe.

It also ended the incorrect, ancient belief that everything orbited the Earth.

6. Is Life possible on Jupiter? 🤔

If I truly say that, then Jupiter’s environment is probably not conducive to life as we know it.

 The temperatures, pressures and materials that characterize this planet are most likely too extreme for organisms to adapt.

As we know planet Jupiter is an unsuitable place for living but the same is not true for some of its moons. 

For example Europa is one of the likeliest places to find life elsewhere in our solar system.

There is enough evidence of a vast ocean just beneath its icy crust, where life could be supported.

7. facts about Jupiter’s moon

Jupiter has around 53 confirmed moons and 26 moons that are not confirmed yet.

With four main moons (Ganymede, Europa, Lo and Callisto ) and many smaller moons. Jupiter forms a kind of mini solar system. 

Its moons are known because of their interesting things. So, let me tell you some fun facts of Jupiter’s moons-

1.Largest moon of the solar system is of the largest planet- that is Ganymede. It is even bigger than Mercury.

2. Io have too many volcanoes on its surface and it is the most volcanically active body in the whole solar system. 🌋

3.  The biggest ocean of the solar system is not on Earth but one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, beneath its icy crust.🌊

4. Life is possible on Jupiter’s moon. A liquid-water ocean with the ingredients important for life may lie beneath the frozen crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa.

8.Becoming massive by becoming small

One of the strange facts about the planet Jupiter is that If Jupiter got any more massive, it would get smaller.

Additional mass would make the planet denser, which would result in it to start pulling and become smaller than its current size. 

Many Astronomers 👩‍🚀 also estimate that Jupiter could end up with 4 times its current mass, and remain about the current size.

9.The strange atmosphere of the Jupiter planet.

You can see stripes in Jupiter; they are made of windy clouds of ammonia and water.

 Jupiter likely has three distinct cloud layers in its “skies” that, taken together, span about 44 miles (71 kilometers).

 The top one is made of ammonia ice, while the middle layer is likely made of ammonium hydro sulfide crystals. 

And the innermost layer may be made of water ice or vapor. There are two amazing facts about Jupiter’s bands-

1.Jupiter’s fast rotation, spinning once every 10 hours, creates strong jet streams and separates its clouds into dark belts and bright zones across long stretches.

2.As many Scientists believe that these bands are layers of high and low pressure. 

As a result, many times storms develop on the boundaries between these two bands. 

10.Does Jupiter have Rings?( facts about Jupiter’s rings)

When people think of ring systems, Saturn naturally comes to our mind. 

But, both Uranus and Jupiter also have ring systems. 

So, let’s know some interesting things about Jupiter’s rings-

1.The formation of these rings is believed to have come about through Jupiter’s gravity having captured material ejected from its moons.

2. It has taken too much time for us to know about its rings.

11. Your Weight on Jupiter.

Do you know what your weight will be if you are on Jupiter planet? 

As we know our weight depends on so many things, one of them is the mass of the planet.

That’s why If you could somehow go on Jupiter, and you would weigh is 100 pounds on Earth, then on Jupiter you would weigh 240 pounds due to the gravitational force. 

So basically in simple words, regardless of your weight, on Jupiter you would weigh 2.5 times more than on Earth.

12. Visit of sunlight to Jupiter.

Jupiter looks quite beautiful with binoculars.

 Although all those whirling clouds and storms you see on Jupiter.

But yet because of the distance, its clouding sunlight takes 43 minutes to touch its surface.

13.The Magnetic Field of Jupiter is 14 Times Stronger

If you use Compasses on Jupiter it would work very well.

That’s because it has the strongest magnetic field in the whole Solar System. 

If we see then Jupiter have 14 times stronger magnetic field than earth.

Astronomers think that Jupiter has that much powerful magnetic field because of its mass, fast rotation and movement inside its core.

14.Juno planet is Shrinking 

According to many Scientists Jupiter was twice its current size when it was formed.

Then what happened to it? 🤔

Some say that this giant planet is constantly bombarded with asteroids and comets, almost 200 times.

Jupiter shrinks 2 centimeters every year one the reason is-  it radiates too much heat.

15. Interesting facts about Great red spot 🌀

Is there any storm that can last from 300 years and yet not gets stopped?

There is but it is not on earth but Jupiter is known as the Great red spot.

If you want to know about Jupiter you have to know some amazing facts about great red spot –

1.This great red spot on Jupiter is a storm of twice the earth size.

2.  The Great Red Spot has been going for hundreds of years and has not yet stopped.

3. Because on Jupiter there is no solid surface to slow them down.

4. The Great Red Spot was first identified in 1665 by Italian astronomer Giovanni. 

5. It spins anticlockwise and takes nearly six (Earth) days to rotate completely.

6. Another mystery about it is what makes it red? Scientists think that it is red because of the presence of some red organic compounds.

16. Jupiter has failed to become a star.

One of the strangest facts about Jupiter is that many astronomers call it a failed star.

I know you may not believe it but it is true.

Like a star, Jupiter is rich in hydrogen and helium, but it does not have nearly enough mass to trigger a fusion reaction in its core. 

And that’s the way by which stars generates their heat. This is made possible by their enormous amount of gravity.

If it wants to become a star then it must need more than 70 times of Its current mass. 

But, before we go on next fact I want 

clear one thing that it does not want to become a star like a sun but like James bond.🤣

17.You Can See Jupiter With Your Own Eyes: 🔭

Jupiter is the third brightest object in our sky, after Venus and the Moon. 

There are many chances that you have already seen Jupiter in the sky and had no idea that’s what you were seeing. 

Maybe if you see a bright star high in the sky, then maybe you’re looking at this biggest planet. 

With the help of pairs of binoculars, you can easily see Jupiter in the sky.

18.It generates more heat than it gets from the sun.

This is an interesting thing because we all get heat from the Sun.

But, As we have already discussed, it failed to become a star, but it was very close to becoming a star, at least in terms of mass. 

Because of its mass, Jupiter generates high amounts of heat as it shrinks under gravity. 

That’s why It has its heat. And because of the huge distance between Jupiter and the sun, it generates more heat than it gets.

19.Space Adventure to the largest planet. 🚀

Jupiter is an interesting topic to study from history.

That’s why there are so many spacecraft that have visited Jupiter.

As we know it is a gas giant, Jupiter doesn’t have a true surface that creates many problems for spacecraft.

But yet there are nine spacecraft that have visited Jupiter. NASA’s Juno is currently studying the gas giant planet from orbit. 

It was first visited by NASA’s Pioneer 10 spacecraft in 1973, and then Pioneer 11 in 1974.

 Then came the Voyager 1 and 2 flybys, both of which happened in the same year.

This trend of adventure was followed by a long break until Ulysses arrived in February 1992, followed by the Galileo space probe in 1995.

Then NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made its flyby in 2007. 

Jupiter is one of the favorite places for spacecraft.


In this article, we have read 19 amazing facts about the Jupiter planet that are interesting.

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