Interesting facts about the solar system

15 interesting facts about the solar system for kids

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Hey, welcome to our post today I am going to share 15 super interesting facts about the solar system for kids.

We are living on earth and Earth is in the solar system. We know much about the Earth but do we know about our solar system?

You will say “yes” and then you will tell, what you know like planets revolve around Sun there are 8 planets and so many meteorites, asteroids, etc whatever you know about.

But, is that our solar system is that much small? I don’t think it is like a plain house and you also know the answer very correctly that is “no”.

So let’s know about our solar system.

Interesting facts about the Solar system for kids

Well, there many facts about it that we do not know. So here I will share some of these facts in the best way. And at last, you will also say “yes they were interesting”.

1. Pluto is smaller in diameter than the width of the USA.

The first fact about the solar system is that Pluto is smaller in diameter than the width of the USA.

Its sounds deferent but it is true because the width of the USA is nearly 2900 miles means 4700 kilometer.

And with the help of New Horizon spacecraft in 2015, we get known that Pluto is 1473 miles mean 2731 kilometer.

It means it is even smaller than the width of the USA so you can think about why its status has changed.

2. The closest to the sun is not the hottest one.

Some of you know this fact and some may not know this fact but without this aspect.

Think when we heard this fact first time how much we get surprised because, with our simple logic we can say that we get heat and energy from the sun.

It is also simple logic that the closest to the sun gets more heat than others that is far.

Yeah, this is also correct but it is not correct that mercury is the hottest planet of the solar system because there is no atmosphere on mercury which help it to maintain the heat.

And on other hand, Venus has a 100-time thicker atmosphere than Earth and also, its atmosphere is mostly composed of carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas that not allows heat from releasing back to space.

That’s why Venus is the hottest planet of the solar system.

3. Footprints on moon never erase.

Every single footprint left on the moon remains the same for a time of about 100 million years.

Because no one can use them I am not talking about aliens I mean there is no wind no water that can erode or wash away surface prints.

4. we live inside of the sun

This is a shocking one but it’s true.

You will say ” are you gone mad?” please wait for explanations.

When you hear the word “Sun” what comes to your mind, you will say “a big ball of light 150 million kilometres far”

Yeah but actually, the sun’s atmosphere is much more for then its actual surface.

Many times we see evidence like when because of gusts of solar wind there appears north and southern light.

Easily, it means that we are living inside the sun like a plane in the air.

But we are not only one who lives inside of the sun, one of its layer “Heliosphere” said to be nearly 16 billion kilometres long.

5. Almost everything on Earth is a rare element

what you will say a rare thing, you will say like diamonds and many more but according to solar systems preview it is one of the very common things that we say common like some elements components of iron, sodium, oxygen, aluminium and magnesium.

While such elements detected very rarely throughout the universe so it is not the only fact about Solar system but also about the universe.

6. Some small body can also have a moon

It was believed that only some large and huge bodies can have moon in fact availability of a planet’s gravitational power to make the moon in the orbit was sometimes used as a sign of planet.

But in 1993 the galileo proved that by discovering the 20-mile wide asteroid name “ida” and also discovered its moon, Dactyl.

7. The great red spot is nonstop for 300 years

If I ask that there is any hurricane that can is nonstop for 100 years you will say “no” there is not even that can be nonstop for even 50 years but in Jupiter, there is a hurricane on great red spot (a place in Jupiter) that is nonstop from 300 years.

And interesting thing is that this area is that much big even two Earth can settle only in this area.

Venus is the second closest planet from the sun but it is the first planet named after a female God of beauty and love.

fun facts about Venus

8. Solar profile

You will ask what is this solar profile of the solar system.

There are 8 planets, about 5 dwarf planets, 181 moons, 5,52,894 asteroid and 3083 comets.

The solar system was found approximately 4.6 billion years ago by the collapse of giant cloud the most of the mass collected in the centre and form the sun and that’s why 99.6 mass of our solar system is only in Sun and left cloud made the other things.

9. There is a huge difference between the volcanoes of earth and others.

when we think of volcano an imagination comes to mind of a mountain from which Lava is flowing

Can you think volcano without lava you will say “no” but volcano forms when the underground reservoir of a hot fluid mineral or gas erupts onto the surface?

But the exact composition can differ much the volcanoes of Jupiter’s moon appear to be composed of sulphur and on Saturn and Neptune moon the volcano erupts when old and frozen H2O water expands when it freezes and enormous pressure can build, same when normal Volcano erupts.

I hope you are enjoying facts about solar system if yes then please comment below.

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10. Space is not very far

The Karman line that located around 62 miles above length accepted to be the starting point of space.
it feels crazy but it’s true and most of you have travelled more distance than this even if you drive a car state in direction of Sky in only 1-2 hours you will cross.

11. Cool facts about the solar system – There more stars than grains of sand in a desert.

There is much more star as we can imagine this is like a small statement that can give us an idea of number of stars in only our Galaxy there are approximately 200 to 400 billion stars.

There are that much stars that we can’t think of.

12. The most expensive outfit like is easily NASA space suit.

Spacesuit used by NASA for space operations costs 12 million dollars.

Most of the cost is of the backpack and control module.

And an interesting fact about it is that the middle of the suit is made to blow up like a balloon and it also look very funny.

13. Scientists predict there is an entire planet that is of a diamond.

when we hear the word diamond what comes to your mind the most expensive, shining and found in very low quantity but when you hear this it means all your diamond view is completely wrong.

Researches out of University identify a rocky planet 55 cacrie that appears of graphite and diamond the most interesting thing is that it’s twice the radius of Earth and 8 times more than mass.

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14. Sun is a star

Many persons do not know this fact that the sun is a star and without the energy and light, there would be no life on earth.

But, do you observe that if sun is a star then why not it looks like other stars in the sky there many answers of it some says distance some says sun is weaker than other stars.

Whatever it is. But it is confirm that Sun plays an one of very important job in our life and without any fees so say thanks for Sun.

15. The largest moon is of the largest planet.

Ganymede one of moon of Jupiter is the largest moon in the solar system. It is the only moon to have its own internally generated magnetic field. But if we see all planets are like moons of Sun.


We learn so many facts about the solar system for kids some are interesting some are cool and some are shocking.

We have discussed facts from an entire planet of diamond it was a glorious one (not because the fact was very good but because there is a diamond in it) to solar profile.

I hope you like the interesting facts about the Solar system for kids if yes then please comment below I will be so glad and also tell which you like most and you can also subscribers

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Thanks and Keep reading facts hungry.

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