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19 facts on asteroids that makes them interesting

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 Hey, welcome to our interesting post 19 interesting facts on asteroids that make them interesting.

Once there came a huge cloud of dust and gases that formed various parts of our solar system like the Sun, planets  Earth, Mars, Venus and all the other stuff.

But after all this, there are some objects left and they start orbiting the sun like planets and then these objects are known to be asteroids.

 Our solar system is full of interesting things. One of them is an asteroid. You may ask- what may be interesting about asteroids?

But do you know that life is possible on Earth only because the collision of asteroids and comets have delivered water to us?

Or do you know that they may also have a moon and may carry some precious things?

Isn’t these facts are interesting that’s in this article we will read 19 interesting facts about the asteroid.

But, before this let’s know little about these Asteroids.

Facts on asteroids

As we know they are an interesting topic, so, let’s read 19 facts about the asteroids that make them interesting.

1.They do not have even gravity to make their shape sphere

Do you know? What are most asteroids shaped like?

Almost all the asteroids in the solar system are irregularly shaped, except some largest ones, such as Ceres which is almost spherical.

The reason behind why they are not spherical is that- their gravity is too weak to pull their shape into a circle, as a result, they’re irregularly shaped.

They’re too tiny to even hold the atmosphere.

2.Asteroids are in a “belt”.

There are asteroids all over the Solar System, but yet there’s a huge collection of asteroids are in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. 

The main asteroid belt holds nearly 200 asteroids larger than 60 miles (100 km) in diameter. 

One of the interesting facts about the asteroid belt is-  

According to some scientists it could have formed into a planet if Jupiter was not nearby. 

Scientists alsl estimate that it contains between 1.1 million and 1.9 million asteroids larger than 1 km (3,281 feet) in diameter.

3. Asteroids may also have their own moon

We always think that only some large bodies may have their own moon but ,did you know that some small bodies may also have their own moon like asteroids? 

The first that was discovered was Dactyl in 1993. It was orbiting around an asteroid named Ida.

Around 150 are there that have moons, some also have two moons. 

4.Asteroids are fossils of our solar system

Do you know why I am saying this?

You may say that they are leftovers of our solar system. They made the remaining material and many more.

Yes, you are correct but there is one reason behind this: Scientists have discovered ancient asteroid ice fossils that could tell us what our solar system was like billions of years ago.  

5.They are loaded with some precious things.

We always imagined an asteroid looking like a rocky thing.

 But, do asteroids may also contain some precious things?

They may contain- platinum, gold, iridium, palladium, and at concentrations several times higher than what is found on Earth.

6. Asteroids have delivered water to us.

As we know that they are capable of destruction but, yet we should say thanks to them because only because of them humans are alive today.

Do you know why?

When Earth formed, it was dry and hot.

 According to scientists, asteroids and comets collisions may have delivered the water or ice and other important carbon-based molecules to the planet that allowed life to evolve.

7.Asteroids may also be Minor planets.

As we know that asteroids are small bodies that are revolving around the sun as planets but they are too small to go be called a planet, 

But do you know that there are some of them in the solar system that is big enough to be known as planetoids or minor planets?

But in total, the mass of all these asteroids is less than that of Earth’s moon

8. Asteroids are big research point

As we know that they contain some precious things but yet there is one more reason why they are big topics of research.

Many Private companies and space agencies have been developing plans to harvest some resources from asteroids.

They are trying to create fuel and possibly water from asteroids.

 The idea behind this is that once we are able to create fuel in outer space by using asteroids then we may not have to carry extra fuel to go beyond mars.

9.Asteroids can be Dangerous for us

Do you ever think what will happen if any asteroids hit Earth again?

Despite whatever their size is, asteroids can be dangerous. Many of them have hit Earth in the past, and many more will crash into our planet in the future. 

If it is big then it may cause vast destruction. That’s one of the reasons why scientists are studying them and are eager to learn more about their numbers, orbits and physical characteristics. 

10.Speed of asteroids

Do you know what the speed of these small bodies is?

On an average asteroid can have a velocity of 18 km/s.

11.Some other kinds of celestial bodies

 It was very soon realized that these new objects were not planets, but some other kind of celestial body. 

When viewed from the telescope these bodies share characteristics similar to stars. That’s why because they look similar to stars they are known as asteroids meaning “star shaped.”

12. Asteroids Made of 

Do you ever asked you self that- 

What are asteroids made of?

In a brief these asteroids are 

made of various materials like nickel to iron and many more. 

13. Most dangerous asteroids are extremely rare, according to NASA. 

An asteroid capable of disasters would have to be more than a quarter-mile wide. 

According to researchers , such an impact would raise enough dust into the earth’s atmosphere and effectively create a “nuclear winter,” and severely disrupt agriculture around the world. 

Some smaller them are believed to strike Earth every 1,000 to 10,000 years, they could even destroy a city or cause devastating tsunamis and volcanic eruption.

 But there is one more thing that

According to NASA, space rocks smaller than 82 feet (25 m) will most likely burn in the Earth’s atmosphere, which means that even if this kind of asteroid hit Earth, it probably wouldn’t touch the ground and most of them are of this type.

14.Different Types of Asteroids

According to their composition there are three types of asteroids- 

The C-type or carbonaceous – they are grayish in color and they are most common asteroids

They probably contain clay and stony silicate rocks, and inhabit the main belt’s. 

The S-type or silicaceous- they are greyish to reddish, they dominate the inner asteroid belt. 

They may contain silicate materials and nickel-iron. 

The M-type or metallic– they are reddish in color and well in the middle region of the main belt.

 They seem to be made up of both nickel-iron. 

There are also many other rare types based on composition — like V-type asteroids typified by Vesta have a basaltic, volcanic crust.

15.Water can flow on Asteroids.

Despite their small size, water may flow on these asteroid surfaces. 

Observations of Vesta released in 2015 show some gullies that may have been carved by water.

The theory behind this is that when a smaller asteroid slams into a bigger one, the small asteroid releases a small layer of ice in the bigger it hits.

 The force of the impact turned the ice into water. 

But one more thing is that the average temperature of the surface of a typical asteroid is minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 73 degrees Celsius). 

16. Physical characteristics of asteroids.

Asteroids can be as large as Ceres, which is 940 kilometers (about 583 miles) across. 

And on the other end of this scale, the smallest asteroid ever studied is around 6-foot-wide (2 meters) space rock 2015 TC25, which was observed in October 2015.

Do you know that there are also some mountains and craters on these bodies? For example- Vesta has a giant crater some 285 miles (460 km) in diameter. 

17. Car size asteroid

According to scientists in every there comes a Asteroid of car size in every year you can think it may be dangerous.

But you will get surprised by knowing that they get finished in our atmosphere by friction only.

18. Killer of dinosaurs but heroes for us

An asteroid impact some around 65 million years ago contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs. (It was one of the several factors that affected all life on Earth at that time.)

If you like dinosaurs then you can hate them but for us they are good because only after them small animals get power to come out and develop themselves and we are one of them.

19. To save us from asteroids impact there is an organization

Earth and all the other planets continue to get bigger; they are attracting the other bodies towards their territory.

Same with Asteroids, that’s why they are  continually coming close to Earth. 

They are also called near-Earth objects (NEOs). If everything happened right then it’s possible that a NEO could crash on Earth’s surface.

 Some organisations are also there so If it happens then we are ready for it. Like- B612 Foundation, it is dedicated to protecting Earth from asteroid impacts, they doing this by tracking some bigger ones.

Depending on the size they are categorised into various categories.

Because we do not have any danger from some small asteroids because they easily get finished in our atmosphere.

Like- those are half a mile in diameter about 30% are tracked through spacecraft and ground telescopes.

And about 1,000 of them of size nearly a small city, most of those are successfully tracked, according to the B612 Foundation.

Some More interesting facts on Asteroids

There are hundreds of thousands of asteroids in the Asteroid Belt, but there are only around 200 known asteroids that exceed 100 km in diameter.

An asteroid of 15 kilometers in diameter is believed to have exploded over Siberia, causing damage within a radius of hundreds of kilometers (miles).

Many of them have been captured by a planet’s gravity and become their moons — 

For example- Mars‘ moons, Phobos and Deimos, and most of the outer moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Examples of asteroids (famous asteroids)

The most famous one is Ceres, which is 952 kilometers wide in diameter.

Ceres is the subject of a NASA mission known as Dawn. Spacecraft Dawn visited and photographed Ceres.

Vesta – It is the second most known asteroid after ceres. It has a diameter of 329 miles and is considered a minor planet. 

 It is the brightest Asteroid from Earth and it was named after the Roman goddess of the home.

Pallas – Pallas was the second one to be discovered. It is the largest body in the whole Solar System which is not round.  

Hygiea – Hygiea is the largest of the carbon type asteroids. It was named after the Greeks goddess of health. It is nearly 220 miles wide and 310 miles long.


In this article we learned 19 facts on asteroids that make them interesting  like- 

Life is possible on Earth only because of collision of asteroids and comets that deliver water on Earth they may carry gold and they big research point for space exploration.

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