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Crazy Fun Facts On Gravity – Read Now

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Crazy fun facts on gravity

l Gravity: We barely think 🤔 about it unless it comes in our exams 📝.

But, of course, we have experienced it many times like when we slip in our bathrooms. 😅

As gravity is a very interesting topic, here are some simple crazy fun facts on gravity.

Like- Apple not fell on Newton’s head and gravity is even weaker than a bar magnet.

 So a lot to know. 

Fun facts on gravity

Gravity facts, gravity waves

1.Gravity is too weak.

It joins many galaxies together, but yet it is very weak that while doing simple tasks you are countering Earth’s gravity.

Like- if you holding anything then you are countering its force.

Even the bar magnet is enough powerful to counter Earth’s gravity.

Isn’t it a gravity fun fact? So you can conclude that the force that keeps us in touch with Earth is not very much big.

2.your table also attract you like as Sun and Earth.

This is a fact that can make doubts in your mind like you will say “if it is true then why not I feel any force from it?”


According to Newton every object attract every object with a force called Gravity.

Then, why do we never feel it? It’s quite simple because we are already attracted by a very big object that is our Earth.

3. Apple does not hit Newton’s head.

One day Newton was sitting under the tree and one Apple fall near him and it was enough to make him think about gravity-like force. 

4. Gravity only attracts.

Like our favourite magnet 🧲 with which we like to play that both repel and attract.  Gravity is not like that it only attracts objects towards it. But, it never repels. So, we can say that it is only one-directional.

5. Gravity is not even everywhere.

We all know that our Earth is not a perfect sphere because there are lot of mountains Hills valleys and oceans there are also different distribution of metals and Minerals.

That’s what that makes Earth’s land full of variety that’s why gravity is also not even everywhere.

I hope you’re enjoying these fun facts on gravity.

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6. Gravity travels with speed.

According to Newton gravity is instantaneous but according to Einstein gravity also travels with the speed of light.

But do you know what it means let’s understand it with an example if the sun suddenly goes to a family picnic I don’t know that who is his family?
But, we will still revolve around it for about 8 minutes as what his light takes to comes us

7. Here is the Escape velocity of our planet.

To escape from Earth gravitational pull we should at least have a velocity of 7 miles per second that’s why it is also called escape velocity of a planet.

8.Gravity and Inverse Square both have same Discovery date.

How does it feel when you and your brother also have the same birthdate.
I can’t say about it because it never happened to me. You can say about it in comments.

So let’s come back to our point. Newton first introduces inverse square proportional in science F= G*(Mm)/r2 and then gravity. It means gravity is Inverse Square proportional to the distance between the objects.

Winds speed in Venus can even reach up to 420 miles per hour it means 720 kilometre per hour.

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9.Gravity accelerates everything at the same speed.

It doesn’t matter how heavy it is whatever its mass gravity accelerates everything with the same speed that is 9.8 metre per second.

But, other agents also affect this that is simply air what type of the medium it is. They are simply feeling like villains.

10. Gravity has an Infinity range.

As you read in above fact that gravity is a weak force.

But, yet it have infinite range.  Strength power of gravity to attract any object decreases as the distance increases but it is infinite in many ways.

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11. If you want to increase the weight then go to Jupiter and if you want to decrease then mercury is best.

As we know weight is the force on the object due to gravity and Gravity is directly dependent upon mass that’s why there is a complete change of your weight on different planets. That’s why on the biggest planet you weight more and on the smallest you weight less.

Want to know more about this then check our infograph.

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12. gravity can forms waves.

Gravitational waves are ripples in spacetime that travel through all over the universe. All objects warp a type of spacetime.
When other objects travel through this warped spacetime, they end up travelling along their curved paths.

13. Gravity is among four fundamental forces.

The Four fundamental forces are strong nuclear force, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and gravity.
In which strong nuclear force is the strongest and gravity is the weakest force. 

14. At the centre of Earth you will be weightless.

This is an interesting fact. Gravity always attracts you towards the centre that’s why if you are already in the centre you will not feel the gravitational force and you will become weightless. 👌

15. Arya Bhatt was who first described:

Aryabhatta (an Indian scientist )was the first who described to us that it is an attractive force that joins us to the earth as it rotates.

Space is not very far as we think it is The Karman line that located around 62 miles it is said to be starting point of space.

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16. Spinning can create artificial Gravity.

While spinning in the spinning ride its outer walls create an Central seeking force that is called centre seeking force and it feels like gravity.

17. Waves by Albert Einstein.

Do you know? Gravitational waves were first predicted by Albert Einstein at least 100 years ago. It’s taken that long for us to catch up to his brilliance and confirm his theory..

This because of gravity that we have that much beautiful sky Because atmosphere on earth is because of it.

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18. Candle in zero gravity.🕯️

Candle in zero gravity it’s  flame will be round and it will blue in colour. Source


19. You jump six times more than you can on:

Do you know earth’s gravity is nearly 6 times more than that of the moon? And because on the moon gravity is less it would be easy to jump far.

That’s why if you can jump up to 1 metre on earth you can jump up to 6 metres on the moon.

20. From tower of Pisa to check:

In the 14th century, the famous scientist Galileo Galilei dropped two spheres that of different masses from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

He did this to prove that how their time of reach was not affected by their mass and yes they fell at the same time.

 According to one of Galileo’s student Viviani, Galileo discovered that the objects fell with the same rate of acceleration (that is around 9.8 on Earth ). Source

21. In space our height will increase upto 2 inches.

Your backbone is around 2 inch bend because of gravity so in space in the lack of gravity it is seen that the height of astronauts increase upto 2 inches.


In this article, we have read crazy fun facts on gravity that are interesting.

If you want me to write on your topic then please tell me by contacting us or by commenting below or on social sites also.

Thanks and Keep reading facts hungry

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