Crazy Fun facts about Venus for kids- read now

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Crazy Fun facts about Venus for kids and also for everyone.

So, this is the second post of our planet series after facts about Mercury.

So, Venus is the second closest planet from the sun and the hottest planet that has many names like evening, the morning star and Venus( that is named after the Goddess of love) and it is also called Earth’s twin.

Venus’s helly atmosphere makes it very difficult for spacecraft to observe it and land on it. That’s why there are only a few spacecraft that are used to research Venus’.

But yet there are too many facts about Venus that we don’t know. we will go to read some of these crazy-fun facts about Venus for kids and also for everyone.

There are also Facts about Venus surface, structure, atmosphere and history.

Fun facts about Venus for kids and everyone

Fun facts about Venus for kids

1.Venus is also called Earth’s twin. This is a good thing that our dear Earth also has a brother.

Why Venus is also called Earth’s twin?

Simple because these two bodies are near to equal size, and their composition is nearly the same as Earth.

The orbit of it is also the closest to Earth’s than any other planet.

2.Both worlds are relatively young, and both have thick atmospheres with clouds (but, the atmosphere of Venus is useless because its clouds are mostly made of poisonous sulfuric acid).

3.Because most of its atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide, an extreme greenhouse effect is heating the surface of Venus and that’s what makes it the hottest planet.

Temperatures on it can reach up to 470 degrees Celsius.

4.Venus is a rare planet that we can see while it crosses in front of the sun. These transits occur very rarely in the whole century.

As we know Venus is not even nearly the largest planet in the solar system, but from Earth, it looks brightest of the planets in the sky.

 5. It also holds the rank of the second-brightest object in the nighttime sky, after only the moon.

 There is a very strange incident in which Venus ( that appear so bright) was mistaken by a pilot aboard an Air Canada flight in January 2011 to be an oncoming aircraft.

 6.Winds of Venus planet are faster than the speediest tornado on Earth.

7. It orbits the Sun within Earth’s orbit, that’s why the planet appears to have phases like the moon.

When it is on the opposite side of the Sun, then its phase will be full and it appears in a new phase when it is between the Earth and the Sun.

 The first one who witnessed these phases was Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei in 1610.

 8.In ancient times, Venus was thought to be two other stars, one is an evening star and the other is a morning star — that is, the ones that first appeared at sunset and second at sunrise.

 The Greek mathematician Pythagoras was the first who discovered that evening and morning stars are the same object.

 9. Venus planet shows a very hellish environment. This makes it very difficult to observe from up close because spacecraft cannot survive long on its surface.

10. It rotates on its axis in a direction that is opposite of most planets.

 That means on Venus, the sun would appear to arise not from the east but the west and set in the east.

 11.At one point, it was thought that it might be like a tropical paradise.

 The dense clouds of sulfuric acid surrounding Venus make it an impossible task to view its surface from outside its atmosphere.

It became possible to view his surface only when radio mapping was developed in the 1960s that scientists were able to observe the extreme temperatures and hostile environment.

 12.According to scientists Billions of years ago, the climate of Venus may be similar to that of Earth and scientists also believe that Venus once possessed large amounts of water or oceans.

 However, due to the extreme temperatures produced from the high greenhouse gasses level this water boiled off long ago and the surface of the planet is now too hot and hostile to sustain any life.

14. There is not much difference in the temperature of Venus day and night.
This is due to the very slow movement of the solar winds across the surface of the planet.

 And one possible reason can be that it’s the atmosphere is mostly composed of carbon dioxide.

 15.The estimated age of its surface is around 300 to 400 million years old. By comparison with it, the surface of the Earth is about 100 million years old

16. This Planet has a weak magnetic field. This surprised many scientists, who think Venus to have a magnetic field similar in to Earth’s.

 One possible reason for this that we can think is that Venus has no solid inner core, or its core is not cooling.

Every single footprint left on the moon remains the same for a time of about 100 million because there is no window water.

interesting facts about solar system

i hope you like Fun facts about Venus for kids. But, hey wait this post is not over. There are many super interesting facts are left so go and read.

Facts about the Venus’ atmosphere. 

Wind speed in Venus can even reach up to 420 miles per hour means 720 kilometer per hour it means dangerous.

The air pressure on its surface is extreme; it is about 90 times higher than the pressure on earth at the sea level.

In simple words pressure on Venus is about 1 kilometer deep water pressure on Earth under the ocean.

 Facts about Venus structure

About 400 miles (6000 kilometer) wide iron-core makes its interior and its Mantle is easily 120 miles 3000 kilometer thick.

Venus is estimated to be 6 to 12 miles(10 to 20 km) thick on an average and it’s crust is mostly basalt.

It is the hottest planet in the whole solar system after all it is not the closest planet to the sun.

But its atmosphere is mostly composed of greenhouse gases (who love heat and don’t get it released).

So, that’s what the reason why it’s temperature goes up to 880 degrees Fahrenheit 471 degrees Celsius.

Similar to the Earth Venus also has a crust. And about 2400 miles 6000 wide iron core makes its interior and its Mantle is easily 1200 miles 3000 km deep.

Venus crust is estimated to be 6 to 12 miles 10 to 20 km on an average and it’s crust is mostly made of basalt.

i hope you liking fun facts about the Venus for kids.

Facts about venus surface


There are more volcanoes on planet Venus than on any other planet in the solar system.

There are about 1600 volcanoes on its surface that we know. Simply there will be more volcanoes on its surface and the good thing is that most of them are dormant. And only some are active.

It’s surface is extremely dry. During its evolution ultraviolet rays from the Sun quickly evaporate its all water and keeping the planet in a molten state.

There is no liquid water on its surface today because heat created by its ozone filled atmosphere would makes water boil away.

There are 6 mountain regions that makeup to about 1:30 its surfers about rangers known as Maxwell is about 540 miles (870 kilometer long) and it is up to about 7 miles (11.3 kilometers) in height.

And making it the highest thing on the planet.

About two thirds of the surface of Venus is covered by smooth and flat plains that are marred by thousands of volcanoes.

Some of which are still active today, ranging from about 0.5 to 150 miles (0.8 to 240 kilometers) wide, with lava flows carving long,winding canals that are up to more than 3,000 miles (5,000 km).
In length they are longer than on any other planet.

Facts about Venus rotation and revolution.

Rotate on its axis just in the opposite direction on earth.

It takes 225 Earth days to orbit the sun. But the days on Venus is a curious thing because its strange rotational way so the time taken by it from one sun rises two the other is about 117 days Earth days.

 According to scientists if you are standing on the surface of mercury then the sun will look three-time larger and its sunlight will look 7 times brighter.

interesting facts about mercury

Facts about venus history.

Venus is the second closest planet from the sun but it is the first planet named after a female God of beauty and love.

In Latin, morning and evening stars were known as Vesper and Lucifer.

Throughout history, Venus has been one of the most studied and speculated object or celestial bodies in our sky,” once Smrekar said.


We have discussed fun facts about Venus for kids but I hope these fun facts are interesting for everyone.

I have shared fun facts about Venus but in addition, I also shared facts about Venus’s surface, facts about Venus’s structure, facts about Venus’s history, sky and many more

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