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12 interesting facts of Mercury that will really shock you.

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Welcome to our new post.

12 interesting facts about Mercury that will shock you”.

In my previous post, I shared interesting facts about the solar system and then I think that why not I’ll start the facts series on planets. So, this is the first post of our planetary series.

12 interesting facts about Mercury that will shock you.

 When you hear about Mercury what comes into your mind?

Mercury is the smallest planet or closest planet to the Sun.

Yeah, but after many researches and spacecraft, we find some super interesting facts about Mercury.

I don’t know about you, but when I heard some of them I also got shocked.

 But I can promise you if you see only some of them you will also agree with me.

So let’s begin.

Interesting facts of Mercury

1. The biggest temperature change is from 452 to – 173. 🌡️

 After all the reasons that we know why mercury is extremely hot? it proved that its surface is still extremely cold.

 I know that this is quite shocking but its temperature on the day is around 840-degree Fahrenheit (451-degree Celsius) but at night it goes minus 275 Fahrenheit (-170 degree Celsius.)

 You can see a change of temperature from 840 Fahrenheit to a direct – 275, a change of about 1100 degrees (600-degree Celcius).

 It’s all because of Mercury’s thin atmosphere that can not maintain the heat that it gets in the day.

2. Sun from mercury🌄

 I don’t know about you? but I cannot match eyes with the Sun.

 Do you know mercury is the closest planet to the sun? Of course, you know but I do not mean this.

I am saying as the closest planet to the sun the view of the Sun from Mercury is far more different from the view of the Sun from Earth.

 So according to scientists if you are standing on the surface of mercury then the sun in the sky will look three-time larger and its sunlight will look 7 times brighter than it is on earth.

3. Mercury is a very small planet.

 Mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system we all know this.

 But you will also agree with me when you get to know that why I am saying ‘Mercury is a very small planet’.

 Its diameter is about 3030 miles (48706 kilometres) that are slightly bigger than Earth’s moon and it is smaller than the moon of Saturn’s Titan and Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede.

4. The thinnest atmosphere of the solar system.

 Mercury has the thinnest atmosphere than any other planet in the solar system.

 It is because of solar winds.

 Its atmosphere is that much thin that scientists have given it another name for an atmosphere like this and that is “exosphere”.

 After it was observed that the moon and other bodies also have this kind of atmosphere then this is possibly a reason what makes it the most common atmosphere of the solar system.

5. Cool fact- Fastest planet of the solar syste⏩

It travels with a speed of about 1,12,000 mph (180000 kilometres per hour) in its orbit.

 This planet is around 29 million miles far from the sun. The most interesting thing is that it is not only the closest planet to the sun but also the fastest planet in the solar system. 

And that’s why it only takes 88 Earth days to complete its Orbit completely.

6. Various names of one planet.

It can be seen with naked eyes from the earth.

 I think that’s why it was known much before.

 And that’s why it has many names that are given by every culture.

 Mercury is closest to the Sun so it is simple that why it orbits the Sun faster than any other planet that is the reason that why Romans named it after their Swift footed messenger God.

 The Sumerians knew about Mercury from at least 5000 years ago. 

It was named after it their god of writing Nabu.

Mercury also has some other names because of its appearances like morning and evening stars.

 how does it feel when you have many names?

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7. In Mercury’s one year there is only 1.3 day.🗓️

 This is very shocking.

 It is the fastest planet in the solar system but it rotates very slowly around its axis.

 It takes only 88 Earth’s days to revolve around the Sun but it takes 59 earth’s days to rotate around its axis.

 You can also say that its day changes only once a year completely.

 It will be irritating if you have to wait for 59 days  to go back to bed.

Venus rotates on its axis in a direction that is opposite of most planets.That means on Venus, the sun would appear to rise not from the east.

fun facts about Venus

 8. Second densest planet.

 I want to ask one question isn’t it a super interesting fact of Mercury.

 The second densest planet.

 after all that it is very small but it is also the second most dense planet.

 Each cubic centimetre has a density of 5.4 grams. After, Earth, it has the highest density. This is all because mercury is being composed of mainly heavy metals and rocks.

 9. The biggest crater of the solar system

As we understand that Mercury has a very weak atmosphere that’s why it has no defence system to protect it from meteorites or asteroids.

 That’s why they filled its surface with craters.

 Cori’s basin in Mercury is a crater created by the impact of a meteorite around 3.8 billion years ago.

 it is about 1,550 km (963 miles).

 This is that much big that in which from Portugal to Germany about the whole of Europe can fit in it.

10. Shocking fact- Mercury is shrinking.😮

It is one of the most shocking fact.

 I want to ask one question from Mercury isn’t you are not small enough, then why you are shrinking?

 Just for a Joke. 😆

Mercury is not only shrinking from the past but this process continues.  

when the core cools down it solidifies and reduce its volume and causes it to shrink.

11. Mercury also has some wrinkles.

what your meaning by wrinkles?

you are joking.

No, as the iron of the planet cooled and contracted the surface of Mercury became wrinkled.

Scientists have named these wrinkles the lobate scarps.

12. 75% of Mercury’s radius is only the iron core.

 Believe it I know it is difficult but this is true.

This iron core has metal more than any other planet in the whole Solar system.

 But no one knows how it was formed but scientists think if the planet formed quickly it could have left a thin sheet of crust over the relatively large iron core. 


In this post, we have seen many cool, shocking and interesting facts about mercury.

I hope you like these interesting facts about mercury if yes then please comment below I will be so glad and also tell you which you like most and you can also subscribe to us.

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