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Top 10 facts about sky and stars don’t miss any

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Welcome to our latest post Top 10 facts about sky and stars. In our previous post, I shared fun facts about the Venus planet.

If you even go to Venus there will be one thing above our head and that is the sky.

Whatever happen, there will be one thing above our head and that is sky. But Sky without stars, I don’t think that anyone can think of.

There are so many facts about the sky and stars because research on this topic has continued for more than a thousand years.

There are many famous people who worked in this field.

And that’s why there are so many facts about our sky so in this we will read some of these facts. So let’s start.

Top 10 facts about sky and stars

1.Star that you see in sky is a part of history.

I don’t know much about you, but I am not one who like history.

But if someone says that stars are a part of history then what will be your reaction. It can shock you.

But this is true because light also takes time to reach.

Sometimes this time goes up to millions of years even the sunlight we see is about 8 minutes old.

2. Every star is bigger and brighter than our Sun ☀️

From 5000 that brighter than 6 magnitudes only there are some few stars which are equal to the sun and from 500 stars brighter than magnitude with 4 have every star that we can see are all brighter and bigger than our Sun.

From the list of the brightest 50 stars that the human eye can see, in which the least bright star Alpha Centauri and the brightest thing that we can see is our sun but do you know that Alpha Centauri is about 1.5 times luminous than our Sun.

We can say that our Sun is a baby star, but we should not forget the sun’s contribution to our life.

3. Clouds are extremely heavy. ☁️

when we think about clouds what comes to your mind? is something like that float or light?

But, do you know that this fact is true that these clouds contain millions of tonnes of water.

While there are so many factors that will determine the amount of water vapor that cloud holds (e.g. temperature, altitude, pressure etc.) we can work with an average of about 5 g of water per cubic metes of cloud.

This means that an cloud average would weight about 400,000 kg, roughly the same weight as of an Airbus A380.

4. Different colors of the sky. 🌇

I know that the headline is not really very effective, but this fact is one of the most interesting fact.

On Earth our sky looks blue mostly but on other planets of the solar system that color of Sky is too much different.

Like- the sky on Venus is orange, mercury is black, on Uranus is blue, on Mars it is pinkish and red, and Saturn it is yellowish.

5. Brightest star on Earth. 💫

Sirius A is the most bright star in night sky

we can see planets from our home.

There are 5 planets that we can see with our sky. These are Mercury, Venus, Mars , Saturn and Jupiter in which Venus is the brightest among these in the Earth’s sky.

6.  Our beautiful sky.

sky is the gift of our atmosphere with it you can say why you are deleting one thing with other they both already really kill it very well our sky look style sleep depend on our atmosphere and is one who joins it with so thanks for our Gravity.

7. Our sun is a very powerful power house. 🔌

We directly or indirectly depend upon plants and they on the sun.

Sun is the biggest external source of energy for Earth but do you know it is so powerful that it releases energy from it’s core of a hundred billion nuclear bombs in every second.

8. Sun in clean air.

Do you know? If the air is clean then sunset will yellow since the sunlight has passed away long distance through the air. Sunset over the ocean may be obtained due to the solid particles.

The sunset will be more redder in polluted area since the light comes from a thick layer.

9. Earth’s shadow.

The Earth’s shadow is that shadow that casted by Earth on its atmosphere. This type of phenomenon is sometimes seen twice a day during of sunset and sunrise.

When the weather conditions is clear and the observer’s viewing point also permit a clear sight of the horizon, the shadow can be seen as a dark blue or like grayish blue band. 

10. Why does the earth have a blue sky?

The sky can have a mixture of colors such as red, orange, purple and yellow (especially near sunset or sunrise) when the light must pass through a much longer path through the atmosphere.

Scattering effects also affect the light from the sky from the sun.

This scattering of light by our thick atmosphere makes our sky blue because it is more powerful than other colors in the sky.

Red light also can scatter if there is enough air between the source and the observer causing parts of the sky to change color during a sunset.


I hope you like these top 10 facts about sky and stars. In this post, we have learned many facts about sky and stars like Our dear sun is smaller than others colors of the sky on other planets sun in clean air and also that our clouds are very heavy.

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Thanks and Keep reading facts hungry.

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