What would happen if earth stopped rotating on its axis?

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What would happen if earth stopped rotating on its axis?

It is one of the craziest questions. But we know that the earth spins at its axis. What if somehow it gets stopped?

One good thing here is that we do not have to wait for it. We have some brilliant minds that can tell us about it. Maybe there are fewer chances of it, it will increase our knowledge.

So, if such a thing happens it will not be a good thing because it can affect the life of earth and make some unusual changes like ocean migration, flying of objects and many more so let’s discuss.

If the earth will stop rotating then

Wind will continue to move 💨 

If the earth stops spinning suddenly at its axis, the atmosphere will continue to move.

And this means very high-speed winds, i.e., nearly 1,670 Km/hr which is the earth’s rotational speed . The winds will also cause serious erosion to the earth’s crust.

You will strt flying 🚀 

Think you are driving a car 🚘 at full speed and none dare to come in your path, but suddenly you press the break with your full force.

What will happen…

You will fly off.

Same here a sudden stop of the spin will have a similar effect to when you press brakes on a moving car. 

If the motion of the earth suddenly stopped, the momentum would send all things flying eastward. 

You and every single object on earth will fly with a speed of earth’s rotational velocity, around 1,670 km/hr.  Moving rocks and oceans would trigger some earthquakes and tsunamis.

Earth will become a perfect sphere 🌐 

This is because the bulge in the earth is only due to its rotation. This bulge is along the equator and oceans as they are now due to this bulge.

 If there is no bulge, then the oceans will redistribute resulting in one massive supercontinent that circles the equator and the north and south poles will become oceans. 

Half of the earth have day and other have night 😴 

How day and night happen is one of the silly questions. Because everyone knows due to rotation.

But what would happen if the earth stopped rotating?

There will be nearly no change of day and night in 24 hours.

And we can say half of the earth will have a day and others will have a night for 365 days. Half of the part would almost continuously face the heat, while half would face the cold of space.

There will be baking heat around the equator 🔆 

As we now know that once Earth doesn’t spin on its axis, a day lasts as long as a year. 

Everywhere on earth will receive six months of daylight, and this gradually will heat the planet to well over 100°C.

 The huge central continent would become the hottest part of the earth and any remaining lakes and rivers would boil away and be blown to the poles by fierce winds.  

Many countries will be under the ocean 🌊

Let’s say this change will not happen suddenly but over several years, 

 it would still be a big disaster. Without any centrifugal force, the oceans would move towards the north and south poles, dropping ocean depth by nearly 8km around the equator.

Since this is less than the maximum depth of the ocean there. Earth’s whole water would be divided into two huge polar oceans that are separated by a belt Of land in the middle. 

Everything north of Spain and many European countries would be underwater, as well as all parts of Antarctica.

And in north Canada would be entirely underwater. As well as some northern plains of Siberia, Asia and Europe would be underwater.  

You could travel around the earth and stay entirely on dry land 🏜️ 

As a large amount of water will migrate towards the poles. So water on the equator will become very little.

It would possible to travel around the Earth on the equator and stay entirely on dry land 

(Ignoring the cold on the night side, and the heat on the dayside)

Slow sopping of motion is also dangerous 🐌

Now we know sudden change will make things fly. What would happen if Earth slowly stopped spinning?

In sudden change, most of our planet would rapidly become very inhospitable. But yet it also becomes dangerous because of other reasons like ocean migration, nearly no change of day and night.

But one thing good about it is that we will at times when this will happen. 😅 

For a sudden change, it would take energy equal to the earth’s rotation. 🔋 

One of the good things is that for such enormous change it would require energy equal to the earth’s rotation.

And that energy nothing on earth can supply.

So for this, we have to wait for an outside force like – asteroid.

Could the earth stop spinning?

We have read what would happen if the earth stopped rotating but is it possible?

Most scientists believe Earth will never stop rotating. … The reason is Space is so empty, so devoid of anything to slow the Earth down. That’s why the earth spins frictionless.

According to scientists earth has never stopped rotating since its birth and continuously will rotate for up to billions of years.

 And there is nothing on earth that can have the energy to stop. There is only a chance if an asteroid of big size will hit the earth with energy equal to its rotation but in that scenario, we will extinct like dinosaurs.  🦕


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