What will your weight on other planets?(infograph)

Welcome to our latest post. And my first infograph that is on “your weight on other planets

We are living on Earth and we have a weight, whatever it will but, do it will same everywhere?

No because as we know that weight is a kind of force on the object due to gravity. gravity is directly depends upon the mass of the body that attracts. That’s why there is a complete change of your weight on different planets.

Weight= Mass*g

(Here g means with how much speed it is attracting you) And every planet have defferent value of this “g”, on Earth it is 9.8 then- like if you have mass have 10 then your weight on Earth will 98kg.

Your weight on other planets (infograph)

And this thing can more easily understand by this infograph “your weight on other planets“.

your weight on other planets
your weight on other planets

In this infograph you can understand how weight changes with planet . As if you have weight 100 kg on Earth then your weight will on –

Sun– 2368 kg.

Moon– 17kg.

Mercury– 37 kg.

Venus– 90 kg.

Earth– 100 kg.

Mars– 38 kg.

Jupiter– 236 kg.

Saturn– 106kg.

Uranus– 88kg.

Neptune– 112kg.


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